Sunni Tehreek rejects capital punishment to Mumtaz Qadri

source: dawn .com

Karachi: Representative Sunni Tehreek Muhammad Shahid Ghuori has strongly criticised verdict of capital punishment to Mumtaz Hussain Qadri and termed it as un-Islamic.

He was addressing to a large gathering protesting in front of Karachi Press Club on Saturday. He said that if the government does not implement the laws of blasphemy then thousands of Mumtaz Qadris would emerge.

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  1. What a country! the only comment one can give. Dr Farhat used to cite Indonesia we have its big brother here in South Asia.

  2. By asking for Blasphemy laws he is insulting the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, who preached religious freedom. May be he should be the first to receive the punishment!

  3. @ Zia H. Shah you are a disgrace to islam on a very serious note! do you even know anything about islam in the first place. You stand against this law and you are violating Quran. you stand against this law and you are violating the rulings of the Sahabas. you stand against this law and you are violating the commands of the Prophet himself. yet you find enough courage to write something this disgusting… shameful … you dun even have the right to be addressed as a muslim. call yourself anything but a muslim. you are a disgrace to islam and i am not amazed at that your name suggests the reason … you are a shia … that clears everything.

  4. I approved the above comment, which is fairly abusive, just to show to the world the wisdom or lack thereof of people who advocate blasphemy laws in the name of Islam. Qadri does not offer a single argument for his opinion other than shouting abuses at me. Additionally, he misjudges me to be a Shia Muslim, purely based on my name. May Allah guide all of us to wisdom and better ways of dialogue. Amen!

  5. Thanks brother Rafiq

    Ideas of people like Qadri totally violate the famous verse of the Holy Quran that follows the Crown verse of the Quran:

    “There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”

    To outline our arguments for genuine freedom of religion, let me link a book here titled, Murder in the name of Allah:

  6. Zia H. Shah tera damadgh kharab ho gya hai beta.tu jis frdoom ke baat karta hai.ya teray Baap Raisul Munafaqeen nay b kee thye.Result same there.Ghusakhe Rasool Ke Saza Moot hai.
    Chal tujaye iss tarha shaid shumj naa aye tu jin ko tu maan kar apne Name k agye Shah lagta hai.Phir tu lanti Yazeed ko b apna baap maan uss nay b yahi kaam kiya hai.
    Jab kise cheaze ka pata nahi hota tu nahi bola kartye munaay.Uger baat karnye ka shook hoo tu face 2 face baat kar laina.Chal may tujaye eak naam daita jaynoo tum ……………………………………..!

  7. I also approved the above comment to show to the world the dirt and sickness occupying the minds of these so called Muslims. I think very few days are left. Nature is getting ready to take on such people.

  8. I take pity on Qadries. We should not blame them. Their comments and reasoning process reflects the training they received and the environment they were trained in.

    Sir, life is short. Still their is time to think and question yourself that: “Am I right? Is my language right? Is this what Islam teaches? Is this the way to serve Islam? Is this the way to go to Heaven?”

    Your inner self will definitly say ‘NO’. For further help ask any one of us. Or go to
    Jazka Allah!

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