“I Will Cause Thy Message to Reach the Corners of the Earth”: Ahmadiyya Bait-un-Nasr Mosque Opens in Norway

Bait-un-Nasr moské på Furuset skal være sete for Norges 1500 ahmadiyyaer - sannsynligvis landets mest undertrykte muslimske menighet. FOTO: ERLEND AAS / SCANPIX

Source/Credit:  Aftenposten.no/ 29 September 2011 / By: Inger Anne Olsen – Commentator in Aftenposten / Translation by Google

Bait-un-Nasr mosque in Furuset to be the seat of the Norwegian 1500 ahmadiyyaer – probably the country’s most oppressed Muslim community. Photo: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

Tomorrow opens the largest mosque in Furuset in Oslo. It is an example of how easy it is to get lost in the landscape.

BAIT-UN-Nasr mosque is large and visible, where it rests on top of Differences, close to one of Oslo’s main approach road. Long before the opening of the mosque was an illustration that there is a kind of Muslim invasion of Norway in general and Groruddalen particular.
Little could have been more wrong. Baitun Nasr Mosque will be the seat of the Norwegian 1500 ahmadiyyaer. They call themselves Muslims, and is probably the most oppressed Muslim community, and one of the smallest. Ahmadiyya is no more widely known among Muslims as Jehovah’s Witnesses are among Christians. Mainstream Muslims look at the Ahmadiyya as heretics, as non-Muslims.

Fear both ways

There is thus little reason to worry over the 1,500 believers, it is rather those who worry.  Therefore, the assembly that belong to the largest mosque first of all need care and protection, not suspicion.

There is a need they share with many Muslim communities.  For while parts of both the Christian and secular Norway fear Muslims, many Muslims fear the Christian and secular.

An inner enemy

And over the years to Muslim communities also have had their own internal enemy: the religious extremists who hate the West and all our being, and who may be willing to resort to violence in the name of Islam. We know they are here too, even though all indications are that they are in Norway is a tiny. The fear of them is shared by us all.

It is not always easy to tell the difference between a conservative, but peaceful, dark man, and a potential terrorist. But the Islamists are not a synonym for terrorist.Fundamentalism is uncomfortable in all forms, but does not in itself a desire to harm others. While there, among the radical Islamic groups that are willing to use violence. There are those that can spread death and destruction, and it is these we are all looking for.

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Short documentary about Bait-un-Nasr Mosque Oslo Norway



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  1. New ERA has dawned on the Scandavian countries……… Alhamdolilllah with the construction of this new mosque Ahmadiyyat will embark on new avenues of” Dawat illallah”( calling towards Allah).

    Mosque is itself an architectural masterpiece ….

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