Today, 240 Thousands Muslims Celebrate Eid in Jakarta


About 240 thousands of Muhammdiyah members have done Eid prayer today, Tuesday (8/30). Eid prayer was implemented in 120 Mosques and Mushalas (Muslim worship room) which spread in five areas of Jakarta and Bekasi.

Chief of Jakarta DPW Muhammadiyah, Agus Suradika stated that the implementation of Eid prayer is in accordance with the decree of Muhammadiyah Leadership Council who had set 1 Syawal 1432 Hijriah falls on Tuesday (8/30). He had become preacher at Jakarta Islam Hospital Mosque (RSI), Pondokkopi, East Jakarta. As many as 4 thousand of pilgrims were attended in Eid prayer just now.

Related to the difference in determining of 1 Syawal 1432 Hijriah between Islamic mass organizations all over Indonesia, according to him, it is not happened only this year, but had several times happened in Indonesia from previous year. Read more


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