China becoming even more male

Courtesy / Source: China Daily

BEIJING – Census figures show an increasingly imbalanced sex ratio at birth on the Chinese mainland, Deputy Health Minister Liu Qian said at a news conference on Tuesday.

However, Liu did not respond to a reporter’s question about whether or when China will relax its family planning policy to curb the imbalance.

China’s sex ratio at birth was 118 males for every 100 females in 2010. The number of males for every 100 females has risen consistently every decade from 108 in 1982, 111 in 1990 and 116 in 2000.

 China becoming even more male


A traditional preference for sons and the abuse of medical technology such as illegal sex-selective abortion and other factors has led to the situation, he said.

The government has taken a series of measures to address the problem, including improving the country’s social security system and harshly cracking down on sex-selective abortions, Liu said.

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