Humanity First volunteers in Ghana

A medical team from the US is in the country to train, educate and share ideas with surgical providers in the country.

Humanity First, USA Chapter has sent under the programme 14 medical volunteers, surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses from the John Hopkins University Hospital of California and San Francisco to Ghana for the 2-week exercise.

According to Dr. Fizan Abdullah, leader of the team the organization has been sending volunteers to the country for the past ten years adding it is one of the strategic initiatives that the organization is pursuing to bring health and medical services to countries such as Ghana.

The team was received on arrival by Maulvi Dr. A. Wahab, Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission of Ghana and the Chairman of the Ghana Chapter of Humanity First International, Alhaji Abdur Rahman Ennin.

Speaking to the press at the National Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, Dr. Fizan Abdullah said their missions not only included providing free surgical procedures for needy patients in the country but they also focused on training local staff on how to conduct these procedures and surgeries on their own for the rest of the year.

Humanity First USA is a branch of Humanity First International, an NGO with its headquarters in the UK and operates under the auspices of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission.

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Abdul Wahab Adam, Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Ghana

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