Protestant group backs same-sex marriages

Though the New York Senate remains undecided about voting on legislation to legalize same-sex marriage, the region’s largest Protestant conference has approved a resolution asking its national policy-setting board to allow these weddings in its churches.

At a meeting earlier this month, the 2,000 clergy and laity delegates of the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church approved a petition calling for a change in the denomination’s current positions against same-sex marriages.

Maidstone Mulenga, regional communications director, said the voting was “heavily divided” at the church’s annual regional meeting in Rochester, but wasn’t able to provide a specific vote tally.

The regional United Methodist conference, which was formed from a merger two years ago of several areas, including the former Wyoming Conference headquartered in Endicott, has a collective voice of 185,000 members in 900 upstate churches.

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  1. Why can they not just invent a new word for what they are proposing? ‘marriage’ was the union of a males with one (or more) females since the beginning of time. – Just a thought ….

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