The New World Order of Islam (3): Imperialism’s vicious claims

Islam teaches:

Do not look with longing eyes at that which belongs to other people, even for the purpose of taking care of it on their behalf grieve not over the condition of other people, but employ yourselves in the betterment of your own. (15:89)

The whole of the modern system of colonization is based upon the vicious claim that one nation is entitled to seize upon the lands of another for the purpose of introducing improvements in that country.

Not only is this alleged principle false and untenable in itself, but its hollowness is soon demonstrated in practice; for, the dominant nation in practice does not even pretend to share the exploited wealth of subject countries with their peoples.

Take East Africa, for instance. A comparison of wealth and prosperity of the European settlers with the poverty and destitution of the original inhabitants of the country would show beyond doubt how this principle operates in actual practice. Islam, therefore, teaches that each people should concentrate upon improvements in its own conditions and circumstances and that no people under any pretext whatsoever should exploit another.

It may be objected that this might put an end to all cooperation between different sections of mankind. This is not so. Islam does not forbid cooperation between one nation and another for mutual improvement or by way of service. It forbids political or commercial domination. A professor or teacher serves by offering his talent in return for adequate reward, but no nation is willing to serve another on this basis.

The fashion today is to assume control over the people and resources of another country, with the result that the people of the country itself are deprived of the main benefits of those resources. Islam forbids this, and declares it unlawful for one people to assume political domination over another. Mankind are free to associate, but it must be by way of service and cooperation.

The Bolsheviks in theory disclaim all intention of dominating other people but in practice they too subjugate non-Russian nations. Their attack on Finland is an example. The colonial problem which presents so many difficulties can be satisfactorily solved only along Islamic lines. All other solutions are ineffective and are, in fact, devices only for prolonging the system.

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, The New World Order of Islam (1942), Islam International Publications, Tilford UK 2005 (pdf); p. 82-83

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