The New World Order of Islam (2): Different Proposals

It was recognized [at the end of the 18th century, ed] that the remedy lay not in the hands of individuals but in the hands of the State. As I have said an individual residing in Lahore or Delhi can hardly be expected to know that a poor woman’s child is dying of starvation in a lone hut in the Himalayas. Nor would people in towns be generally aware of the conditions prevalent in the rural areas. But the State could be expected to possess, or should at least have the means of acquiring all this information. It was, therefore, thought that it was the duty of the State to undertake measures of relief and reform. (Page 10)

(…) Time was soon to come … when the world was to cry out for a New Order. From every quarter voices were to be raised announcing New Orders. Russia would claim to give the world a New Order. England would put forward a New Order. Germany and Italy would announce a New Order. America would proclaim a New Order. At that time a successor of the Promised Messiah (a) would announce from Qadian: ‘The New Order has already been set out in Al-Wasiyyat.‘ If the world desires to proceed along the path of peace and prosperity, the only way to it is to put into effect the New Order set out in Al-Wasiyyat.* (Page 123)

*) Al-Wassiyyat (’The Will’) is a scheme started by the Promised Messiah to raise funds for the propagation of Islamic values and aid to the poor.

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad,The New World Order of Islam (1942), Islam International Publications, Tilford UK 2005 (pdf)

Comment by the editor: It is interesting to note that from these comments it appears that there was not from the very outset one unified plan for a New World Order. The term was used to give name to a political challenge. In later posts, we will see the Caliph’s comments on the different kinds of world orders proposed by different nations and ideologies.

With the eerie predictions of ‘1984′ and ‘The Brave New World’ as voices to the contrary, we can still doubt there being at the moment one unified plan and a unified force for a New World Order. So, putting our worst fears aside, it could still be that when Dutch premier Balkenende used the word when he was speaking at Bilderberg in 2003, he meant something else than Henry Kissinger did when he used the term recently to describe the challenge Obama faced. The term has just been a fashionable political slogan for an aged elite, and it doesn’t have to always mean the same thing. Or so we hope.

At least we can be certain that the evil behind the 9-11 attacks and US imperialism will fail in the end. Evil will never unite anything. The Caliph makes it quite clear that only the Ahmadiyya Community will succeed in uniting the world, and this too by love and peace, without any force or compulsion. And the word of a Caliph always comes true.

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