Ahmadiya community fit to be killed, says pamphlets in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pamphlets branding members of the minority Ahmadiya community as “wajib-ul-qatl” (fit to be killed) and inciting people to attack them are being openly circulated in Pakistan’s textile industry hub of Faisalabad, according to a media report.

The pamphlets list the names of several Ahmadiya industrialists, doctors and businesses.

The first name is that of a cloth house, three owners of which were gunned down in a brazen attack last year, The Express Tribune newspaper reported.

The pamphlets were issued by the All Pakistan Students Khatm-e-Nubuwat Federation and are being circulated at main shopping plazas and important commercial centres of the city in Punjab province.


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  1. It looks that the Pakistan, so called “Land of Pure”, has been degraded in the eyes of Allah. Apparatn proof is, that for last many years, this land is sucking the blood of its inhabitants, but its blood thurst is not ending. Every morning one hears the news of blood shed. In spite of so many efforts by state actors, no light is visible at the nd of the tunnel. The biggest delima of this tragic drama revolves round the simple fact, that no one is interested to rcognise the root cause fo the problem. When your country constitution permits the persecution of those who have differences in relgion belief how state actors can control this wave of bloodshedding. What has been posted here is the latest example of state sponsored persecution. It will definitely encourage the trigger happy individuals to play once again with the innocent bloods of Ahamadies. Allah may protect the community members from the barabaric acts of their country men. As a fall out of this notorious law of Pakistan the other day Law Minister of Punjab issued a fatwa, fit to kill, about Dr Baber Awan, a prominent figure of Governing PPP. Just two days back slogans were aired that urdu Speaking population of Karachi is “Wajibul Qatal” means fit to be killed. So this is the deploreable state of Pakistan. One can only pray for improvement of the situation.

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