Libyan teen tries to take own life to escape NATO bombs

The conflict in Libya has no end in sight, as NATO intensifies airstrikes and increases what it calls “efforts to protect people.” It is those “efforts” that made a Libyan teenager choose death over life in a war-torn country.

NATO has frequently claimed success in the military operation supposed to “protect civilians”. But the Libyan government has repeatedly protested that innocent civilians have been among the dead. Gaddafi’s government claims more civilian deaths have been caused by coalition aggression – over 30 this week alone.
The claims have not been independently verified, but one thing is clear – since March 19 the life of ordinary Libyans has changed forever.
Salma Abubaker Shtoot has been within a hair’s breadth of death. But doctors have performed a near-miracle and the young girl is back home with her family.
The 13-year-old took her mother’s pills to kill herself.She says: “If someone wants to kill me – I’d better do it myself.”
But who wants to kill the teenager?
Salma’s native city, Tripoli, has been under constant bombardment by NATO forces for three months. One of NATO’s bombs, supposed to target Gaddafi’s military arsenal, actually landed in the district where her family lives. It did not destroy the colonel’s compound but it almost wiped out a family.

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