Israel’s top 10 nature reserves

ISRAEL21c lists the country’s top 10 nature reserves and national parks to visit.

Fancy an outdoor adventure in Israel? Whether it’s woodlands, wetlands, sand dunes, or cliffs – Israel has it allIt’s no simple task to identify the top 10 nature reserves and national parks in a country with about 300 of them – each uniquely worthy in its own right. So ISRAEL21c asked Israel Nature and Parks Authority deputy chief scientist Eliezer Frankenberg to help us choose.

Nahal David waterfall, Ein Gedi.

Ramon Crater National Park.

We hope our list intrigues you to learn more about exciting outdoor Israel adventures at INPA reserves. In this one small country, you’ll find natural features ranging from woodlands and forests to wetlands and rain pools, sand dunes and cliffs – and many are also important history and archeology sites.

1. Masada National Park.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea, is centered around the mountain fortress where a band of first-century Jews held out for years against the mighty Roman conquerors.

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