Success: Seeing the future in clear water

Duo faced long struggle before finding a market for stormwater-treatment technology.

As university students, Greg Yeoman and Mike Hannah worked hard and played the same way.

Weekends and holidays usually involved some sort of beach-centred activity: surfing, fishing or scuba diving.

It was that time at the beach that sparked their interest in water quality, and led them to develop a business – Stormwater 360 – that now turns over more than $3 million. Their eco-friendly stormwater filter products are sold in New Zealand and Australia and they have a licensing agreement with a United States company to market a range of filter products which they re-engineer for New Zealand conditions.

Right now they’re using an $80,000 Technology New Zealand grant to further develop their original invention, a roadside stormwater filter called the EnviroPod – or the “tea strainer” – that filters out rubbish and other contaminants.

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