Kissinger’s book a warning to China, US

NEW YORK / BEIJING – If there is something to offer a clue of how the world’s two largest economies should handle their relations, former United States secretary of state Henry Kissinger’s new book, On China, is that thing, Chinese and Western critics said.

Shi Qiping, a commentator with Phoenix TV in Hong Kong said: “Kissinger is a legendary figure. In the past, he has made many constructive suggestions, some of which have actually changed the history to some degree.

“Back in the US, he has gone through the presidency of 10 presidents, from Kennedy to today’s Obama. In China, he has also witnessed the leadership shift of four generations. That experience helps him better understand the current global situation and where the world is heading for.”

At the same time, the book also pointed out the potential risks of future Sino-US relations, which has also raised some concern.

“In this book, Kissinger says that right now China and the US are walking toward two extremes, which are quite different from the basic cultural recognition of these two countries,” Shi said. “The huge gap between these two extremes would make a new round of Cold War or even war unavoidable. This should have enough attention from both countries and even the whole world.”

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