Up to 12 million girls aborted in India over last 30 years: study

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Up to 12 million girls were aborted over the last three decades in India by parents that tended to be richer and more educated, a large study in India found, and researchers warned that the figure could rise with falling fertility rates.


The missing daughters occurred mostly in families which already had a first born daughter. Although the preference for boys runs across Indian society, the abortions were more likely to be carried out by educated parents who were aware of ultrasound technology and who could afford abortions.

“The number of girls being aborted is increasing and may have reached 12 million with the lower estimate of 4 million over the last three decades,” said lead author Professor Prabhat Jha at the Center for Global Health Research in Toronto, Canada.

“The logic is families are saying if Nature gives us a first boy, then we don’t do anything. But if Nature gives a first girl then perhaps we would consider ultrasound testing and selective abortion for the subsequent children,” he told Reuters in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

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  1. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, successfully abolished the practice of female infanticide in Arabia 14 centuries ago.

    There is also a verse of the Holy Quran highlighting that in latter days humanity will grow in social awarness of female exploitation in so many different ways:

    “And when the girl-child buried alive is questioned about, ‘For what crime was she killed?’” (Al Quran 81:9-10)

  2. What a shame. I feel worried about all those parents ending up in hell for murder. In India one of the main problems seem to be the dowry system. A similar problem exists in China, there more due to the ‘one child’ system. May the time come soon when the whole world will accept the beautiful teachings of the Holy Quran (above).

  3. Such desperate mothers should plan for adoption and foster acre rather than murder. The number of couples who can not have children is increasing day by day.

  4. I just can not resist to return to write this comment: the picture is gorgeous and combined with the news initiates so many complementary brain waves.

  5. I was shocked recently that a ‘pregnancy test’ is on sale in pharmacy to ‘determine what sex your child is’. I suppose it is available in China and India as well and will lead to even more abortions.

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