Let women drive … get over your fear of the unknown


Manal Al-Sharif has been arrested again in the Eastern Province. The charge against her is driving her car. The arrest was easy for police, as she announced her intention in advance as part of the campaign “I will drive my car myself.”

The difficult part is to decide where to send her after the arrest. The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has made it clear that Manal’s act does not fall under its jurisdiction, because she committed a violation of the law. On the other hand, the police stand is that Manal has not committed any security violation, but only a traffic violation, which obviously falls under the authority of the traffic department. However, our traffic department is confused about the issue, as it never handled a woman violator in the past.

Shoura Councilor Najeeb Al-Zamil has summed up the issue of women’s driving as an issue of our own creation with its origin in a fear of the unknown, compounded by hypothetical situations in the event of permitting women to drive. As a result, the Saudi society is left bewildered and unable to see a way out. read more

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  1. This is where women really need their independence! It will help their husbands and family so much!

  2. Islam teachings advocate integrity and sanctity of marriage and family unit. Right to divorce is used as a last resort when the marriage fails to maintain these fundamental principles. Islamic law is bound to prevail because of these beauties.

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