Iraqi Government on part-crackdown of Private Security Firms

The Iraqi Government has given Foreign Private Security Company in the so-called ‘Green Zone’ (or ‘International Zone’, also called ‘Black Zone’ by some Iraqis) ten days to vacate Government land leased to them.

Several foreign Private Security companies have large compounds where they not only have their Iraqi Headquarter but also run quite profitable ‘Secure Hotel facilities’.

The actual company licences and permission to function as Private Security Companies has not (yet) been questioned. Each Private Security Company has thousands of ‘mercenaries’ from such countries as Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Columbia, Nepal. Only the ‘officers’ are from Europe (incl. Eastern), US, Australia, (white) South Africa. Customers are international oil companies, Embassies, but also Iraqi Government institutions such as the Airport authorities etc. They also man some check-points.

Reasons for the order coming straight from the Prime Minister’s Office are not clear. Several rumors circulate (which we do not want to repeat at this time).

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