Pakistan fighting US war on terror: Imran

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said on Saturday that Pakistan was fighting America’s war on terror which had not only claimed the lives of thousands of Pakistanis but also badly affected the country’s economy.

“The war on terror is the war of the United States but our rulers have made it a war of Pakistan,” he said while addressing a large sit-in staged at the Native Jetty bridge against drone strikes in the tribal areas.

Imran said that before 9/11 there was not a single Taliban militant in Pakistan but ever since the country joined the war, it had been facing acts of terrorism adding that the rulers have already “fixed the match” with the United States on drone strikes. “Stop drone strikes, or we will block Nato supplies to Afghanistan,” the emotionally charged cricketer-turned politician declared from the stage.

He said that the PTI would announce its future line of action on Sunday (today), the last day of the protest. The PTI is against all types of terrorism and it has continuously raised its voice against the military operation in the tribal areas. This was not the way to fight terrorism as it had given birth to more terrorists in the country. Readmore

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