Islamic Children’s Books – Integration through Early Reading

Until now, there were no books for Muslim children in Germany, and this is why Ahmad Milad Karimi founded his own publishing house. In this interview with Claudia Mende, he explains how he aims to convey a tolerant image of Islam through his books

Ahmad Milad Karimi (born in 1979) is a scholar of Islam, philosopher and publisher. A native of Afghanistan, he has already made a name for himself as an academic, translator and writer. Among his many projects was a translation of the Koran into German for the Herder publishing house. His own publishing house carries the programmatic name “Salam” (peace), and it aims to promote the integration of Muslims in Germany with literature for children and young people.


Mr Karimi, why did you found the “Salam” children’s book publishing house?

Ahmad Milad Karimi: The idea was born of need. The publisher Andreas Hodeige and I founded a publishing house for children and young people because for Muslims in particular and others with a migration background, the literature available in German is sadly lacking.


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