Let actions speak…

So what’s it going to be: Israeli chutzpah or Barack Obama’s audacity of hope?

Predictably, Israel’s Netanyahu has lost no time in trashing President Barack Obama’s call for a “viable Palestine” along the 1967 borders. The Israeli PM has virtually rubbed Obama’s nose in, dismissing the borders that existed between Israel and its Arab neighbors before the war in 1967 as “indefensible.”

Well, nothing new here. The more things change around it, the more they remain the same for the ever-irrepressible and intransigent State of Israel. No matter who is in charge, Israeli’s obstinacy remains constant. Interestingly, Netanyahu’s rejection of the reasonable appeal from Israel’s most trusted ally comes hours before his high-profile US visit.

The Israeli leader can certainly count on a red carpet welcome and a firm handshake at the White House and endless, almost obsequious applause at the joint session of Congress that he is scheduled to address. And after all this adulation and glorification, a smug Netanyahu will go home once again, having successfully shrugged off Obama’s diffident attempts to introduce a semblance of balance in US engagement with the Middle East. read more

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