Lawrence Solomon: Pakistan would work better in pieces

Lawrence Solomon May 15, 2011

Pakistan would be a more stable and peaceful place if its four component nations were unstitched from one another

Since Osama bin Laden was found living unmolested in a Pakistani military town, debate has raged over how to deal with this duplicitous, faction-ridden country. Should the United States and others in the West continue to provide Pakistan with billions in foreign aid, in the hopes of currying at least some influence among elements of the Pakistani leadership? Or should we get tough, and declare it to be the state sponsor of terrorism that it is, knowing this course of action could cripple our efforts to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan and drive Pakistan further into the Chinese sphere of influence?

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Categories: Asia, Pakistan

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  1. It doesn’t get more imperialistic than this.
    The Colonial Empire apparently laid waste to an entire people by stitching them helter-skelter together (nevermind the internal Indian politics of the time with Nehru, Jinnah and Mountbatten as prime actors), and the solution to the problem instigated by the British, as laid out by Mr. Solomon, is to enforce further outside interference–for the benefit of the West. Of course.
    It does not get more imperialistic than this.

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