Steps taken to ensure a disease-free pilgrimage


JEDDAH: Authorities on Sunday announced new health conditions to be followed by pilgrims coming for Haj and Umrah this year.

Pilgrims coming from countries infected by yellow fever, meningitis, polio and seasonal influenza have been asked to take vaccinations against them.

The Health Ministry, which made the announcement, told relevant departments to inform Saudi foreign missions to take the health conditions into consideration while issuing Haj and Umrah visas.

“The ministry follows up contagious diseases all over the world. If there are any changes in health conditions, we’ll inform the authorities concerned immediately,” said Dr. Khaled Mirghalani, spokesman of the ministry.

He said pilgrims coming from 29 yellow-fever-infected African and 13 American countries should take vaccinations against the disease 10 days before their arrival in the Kingdom and no more than 10 years.

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