Salih’s gift to his four wives – a house each

COMEDIAN-turned-radio DJ Salih Yaacob who will marry a fourth wife after Hari Raya is planning to present her with a house as a wedding gift.

He plans to buy one for each of his present wives, too, reported Metro Ahad.

The 50-year-old multi-talented artiste said the houses were special gifts for their sacrifices, especially his first three wives.

They were his token of appreciation for staying with him in a polygamous marriage.

“Though polygamy is often viewed negatively, it has not demoralised my wives,” he said.

Salih married his first wife Norizah Mamat in 1989 and they have four children. In 1993, he took Norraha Hamat as his second wife and they have six children and in 2007, he married Norfara Wahida Sulaiman and has a child with her.

His latest, identified only as Emi, is a 24-year-old student.

Salih said he planned to buy the houses in the Klang Valley. His three wives are living in Kampung Pandan.

“I prefer all of them, including the fourth one, to live near each other so that it will be easier for me to take care of them and to be with them.”

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4 replies

  1. As long as polygamy is being practiced in Malaysia it is a good thing! It is against the law in USA, at least for now.

    May be if the head of IMF had four wives, he would not been chasing house keepers in hotel and bring such shame on himself, his family, France and IMF!

  2. According to my personal opinion polygamy can be practiced in the USA also. Of course the additional marriages cannot be registered in the same way. (The man would have to tell a lie that he is not married and this would result in ‘bigamy’). A verbal ‘Nikah’ is legal in the eyes of Allah. It is in-line with the currently practiced ‘partnership’ arrangements. Thousands of polygamous marriages actually do exist in countries where it is not recognized legally. In the USA some Mormon groups practice it, in addition to Muslims and even some Christians…

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