Trafficking victims lured to the UK: locked up and raped at £30 a time

They drove north during the night, up from Nice, through the Channel tunnel and into London. Abina remembers stopping outside a tower block, her boyfriend guiding her into a tiny flat and then a back room where she was locked inside. The first British man to rape her arrived the following morning in mid-December 2009, the next that afternoon.

The only time she was allowed to leave the room was to use the shower or the toilet next door. She had no phone, no television; food was brought to her room by her boyfriend.

Abina, 26, from Ghana, says she could do nothing but wait, “miserable”, for the next man. “It was my first time to England, my boyfriend said it was east London but I have no idea. I never ever went outside. There was a street below but the window was locked.”

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  1. Human trafficking is a serious problem in Europe. It is about time that European politicians wake up and attack this problem. This is the best way to fight for female emancipation instead of wasting time trying to ban burka and veil.

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