Israel’s Future Focus will be the Family

In honor of Israel’s 63rd Independence Day, Arutz Sheva is undertaking a special project. Entitled “Facing Forward,” it asks personalities from different fields to respond to the question: How do you expect the State of Israel to looks in twenty-five years, and how would you want it to look at that time.

One of the participants in the project is MK Uri Orbach of the Jewish Home party, who presented a detailed and optimistic vision in almost every area.

“I believe that Israel will be better than it is today,” said Orbach. “The relations between the religious and the secular will be improved because some of secular people are becoming more traditional and the areas of difference are becoming more ambiguous.” He added that he believes that “the hareidim will be more Israeli and less hareidi,” and noted that he believes that the hareidim 25 years from now will be more involved in serving the nation.

In terms of the socio-economic arena, Orbach is also optimistic and believes that “commercialization will calm down as will the ‘shopping culture.’” Read more

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