“All believers are brothers, so make peace between your brothers and be mindful of your duty to Allah that you may be shown mercy.” (Sura 49:11)

and: “In case two parties of the believers fight against each other, bring about reconciliation between them. If, however, one of them persists in belligerence and transgresses against the other, bring your collective might to bear upon the one that transgresses to force him until he agrees that his dispute be resolved in accordance with the word of Allah. Then if both parties having so submitted, effect reconciliation between them and make them resolve their dispute with equity and We advise that you must exercise absolute justice, act justly. Remember, Allah loves the just.” (Sura 49:10).

The Islamic world has ‘The Organization of Islamic States’, the Arab world has ‘The Arab League’. Do their members not read the Holy Quran? Do they not take note of Allah’s advice how to resolve disputes?

The leaders and the people of Syria, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria (and others) should take note of the above verses of the Holy Quran. The Organization of Islamic States and The Arab League should take note of the above verses of the Holy Quran. Surely it is the duty of the Muslim brothers to help in reconciliation. To ‘delegate’ such efforts to the United Nations, the Security Council, NATO, the US and other non-Muslim groups should of course be avoided. We have seen how they ‘bring democracy and peace’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why were we so stupid to believe that Libya would be any different?

In Yemen the Gulf Cooperation Council is trying to resolve the conflict. This is a very positive step. Let similar steps follow for Libya, Syria, Algeria (and Tunesia, Egypt, where we still have ‘work in process’).

And let us pray that Allah may protect us all at all times.

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