The reality check on a dramatically changing story

The account of the killing of the world’s most wanted man has changed dramatically over the course of just three days. From whether Osama bin Laden was armed when he was shot dead to whether he used his own wife as a human shield, the official narrative seems to change by the minute.

As more of the assault team’s 79 members returned to Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington, they were questioned about the attack. Each person’s version was crosschecked with that of their comrades. Over time, a clearer picture emerged, administration officials said.

However, divergent explanations of what actually happened inside the Abbottabad compound also speak to the unusual and relatively new pressures of releasing information about an unprecedented story in a hyper-accelerated news cycle, where tools such as Twitter play an important role.

As the United States changes its story, here is a reality check:

How much was Mr. bin Laden’s hideout worth?

The White House first described Read more

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