Study reveals alarming hike in unmarried mothers in Morocco By Martin Jay, for CNN

Casablanca, Morocco (CNN) — Single mothers in Morocco are breaking records.

A recent study published by a Casablanca support group for single mothers says the number of Morocco’s unmarried mothers in 2009 is at least double those in 2008 — 27,200 compared with 11,016 the year before, according to the Institution Nationale de Solidarite Avec Les Femmes en Distresse.

As in most Muslim countries, it is considered an intolerable shame on a family in Morocco if a daughter falls pregnant outside marriage. In many cases, families totally reject a daughter who becomes pregnant before marriage.

Morocco’s unmarried mothers are mostly young, said Houda El Bourahi, the institute’s director. The study shows 60% are younger than 26 and a third younger than 20, she said.

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  1. This is sad News from a Muslim country. May I remind Muslims that polygamy is permitted in Islam. It is not the best option, however, in exceptional cases it is surely better to practice polygamy and take responsibility for the mothers and children, rather than abandon them. I would even appeal to ‘first wives’: Save your husband’s reputation and help him to be responsible for his actions.

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