Peace, The true meaning of Islam.

Local Muslim residents and a national Islam outreach program organized an open house on the weekend in order to combat misconceptions of their religion. “Our (Cornwall) community is always growing. We want people to be aware the Holy Qu’ran teaches about peace,” said Azizullah, a city representative of the Ahmadiyya […]

Promoting Peace one town at a time !

Peace and love was the message Noman Khalil of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association Canada and his colleagues brought to Elliot Lake. Khalil, a Muslim of the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect, and his associates, were at the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre  to educate anyone who would listen on Islam, Muslim culture […]

Study about Islam enters curriculums

Source: TribLive/News By Rachel Weaver In the 10 years since 9/11, teachers have taken instruction on Islam’s history and impact from brief references in some Western Pennsylvania classrooms to extensive overviews. “If we want our students to solve future problems, they must have a strong understanding of world religions,” said […]

Conversations and Cornbread

Source: 30 mosques 30 states 30 days By Aman Ali My knowledge of what Ahmadiyya Muslims believe is limited. But off the bat, let’s clarify some misconceptions you might have about them. Yes, they pray five times a day, believe in Prophet Muhammad, fast during Ramadan and follow many other […]

Next Frontier for Restless Americans?

Source: New York Times CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS — The American jobs that vanished don’t appear to be returning. The stock market is plunging. Seemingly everyone, from the guy at the corner bar to the U.S. Treasury Department, is in debt. The country’s credit rating just got knocked. Smart people on television […]