Human dignity and honour of women

   Source/Credit: The Times of Malta: Friday, July 15, 2011 , by Laiq Ahmed Atif Human beings have explored more civilisations with the passage of time and we are now in the 21st century. But, in some countries and societies that is merely a technicality and nothing more. The archaic […]

Burqa ban

  Credit/Source: The Times of Malta: July 15, 2011 ( Belgium will enforce a burqa ban from July 23 with a fine and possible jail time for women who wear it, joining France as the second EU nation to forbid full veils, Belgian media said yesterday. The new law was […]

Destructive words

Karachi, which had shown some signs of calming down as theskirmish legislation between the PPP and MQM on local government faded somewhat into the distance, has been set aflame once more following the unwise diatribe by Senior Minister of the Sindh government Dr Zulfiqar Mirza against MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The PPP, including the president […]

Europe still struggling with headscarf

For several years now, the Muslim headscarf has been the subject of heated debate between Dutch political parties. However, other European countries also host widely diverging opinions on the Islamic veil. When she was conducting research for her doctoral thesis, Doutje Lettinga found that there is considerable variety in the […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities

When we think of the world’s most expensive cities, it’s the traditionally chic European and North American metropolises like New York, Paris and London that usually come to mind. But according to a new cost of living survey by Mercer, an international consulting organization, two of the three most expensive […]