Jordan: Stop the rumour mill

SOURCE: JORDAN TIMES Despite His Majesty King Abdullah’s repeated assurances that the so-called Jordanian option is nonsensical and devoid of basis, there are some still determined to cling to this imaginary threat and exploit it to sow distrust and undermine the course of the Kingdom. There are still some who […]

World population will reach seven billion this year – expected to reach 10 billion by the end of 21st century – study

Source/Credit: The Times/Malta/Friday, August 19, 2011 , by AFP The world population will reach seven billion later this year, with increases in the number of people in Africa off-setting birth rate drops elsewhere, according to a new French study published yesterday. Looking much further ahead, the National Institute for Demographic Studies […]

Statehood bid

ARABNEWS US accepts the idea of a Palestinian state in principle; how can it oppose at UN? It is official. Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has formally declared he will ask the Security Council to approve full membership of a Palestinian state at the United Nations, a move which is a […]

Urgent Questions to NATO on Libya

by Marinella Correggia 1) Why at this time is NATO bombing Bani Walid and other sieged cities? (They have been under siege by the Abdel Jalil forces; therefore NATO should try to protect the civilians inside from the aggression of Abdel Jalil forces: INDEED, when civilians were inside Misrata and […]

TNI Chief Warns Against Ambon Jihad

Jakarta Globe: The country’s military commander warned on Sunday against anyone going to Ambon to wage jihad, echoing a call by the country’s highest Islamic authority following deadly clashes there last week. Speaking in Jakarta at an event to mark the 66th anniversary of the Indonesian Military (TNI), Adm. Agus […]

To King Sarkozy, the spoils

source. asia times on line THE ROVING EYE While neo-Napoleonic French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his sidekick British Prime Minister “David of Arabia” Cameron were basking in the glow of their victory lap in Tripoli, the place was swarming with multilingual contractors. But nobody knows what’s really going on in […]

Glimpses of the Next Great Famine

Source: New York Times Author: Nicholas D. Kristof WHAT’S most heartbreaking about starving children isn’t the patches of hair that fall out, the mottled skin and painful sores, the bones poking through taut skin. No, it’s the emptiness in their faces. These children are conscious and their eyes follow you […]

Famine, the Unnecessary Evil

Source: New York Times Author:  Johann Hari  Book Review of  THREE FAMINES: Starvation and Politics by Thomas Keneally Eradicating famine from the human condition is one of the most noble goals we can have. But to do this, we need to understand how famine happens — and in the past […]