What if the U.S. Recognized a ‘One-state Reality’ in Israel-Palestine?

קולאז' יוזמת השלום

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Apr 19, 2023

Is it time for the international community to stop talking about a ‘two-state solution’ for Israel and the Palestinians, and begin instead to grapple with a ‘one-state reality’? That’s the argument four leading political scientists recently made in a thought-provoking, and provocative, article that was published in Foreign Affairs.

Two of the authors, Shibley Telhami and Marc Lynch, joined the Haaretz Weekly podcast to explain why they are calling on decision makers in Washington and elsewhere to ‘drop the façade’ and recognize an ‘uncomfortable reality’, and what could be the policy consequences of such a step. In their conversation with host Amir Tibon, they also discuss the prospects for violence and instability in the region, the impact of Netanyahu’s new government, and the political crisis in the Palestinian national movement.

source https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/podcasts/2023-04-19/ty-article-podcast/what-if-the-u-s-recognized-a-one-state-reality-in-israel-palestine-listen/00000187-98f4-d6e9-a997-9effcc600000

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  1. Nothing wrong with a one state solution, except of course all citizens / residents need to be treated equally. That is the world wide norm, is it not?

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