What do ‘Top Posts’ show about the worries of the readers?

Today’s Top Posts and Pages in The Muslim Times are as follows:


In fact most days the above are usually the top read posts, even though many post are very old.

What does that mean?

Well, for one thing it seems many Muslims dream of snakes and then wonder what the meaning could be. They go to google to find out the meaning and then land on our article.

In order to fully understand the interpretation of dreams they also try to inform themselves about the Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretation.

And other Dreams, see above.

Interesting also that many readers want to know the difference between the various Islamic Schools of Thought. Good, very educational.

I am not so happy that Divorce and Child Custody in Islam is also a quite frequent search. Find ways to be happy please and do not fight…

Remains the challenge for the Editors of The Muslim Times to beat the above Top Posts.

We keep trying …. Prayers requested…

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