Anti-Muslim Dutch politician embraces Islam – and he is not the first

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Joram Jaron Van Klaveren

Joram Jaron Van Klaveren. The Muslim Times has the best collection to promote interfaith tolerance and to refute Islamophobia. Suggested reading: Our Favorite Christian Prayer by Saint Francis

Source: The Siasat Daily

Amsterdam: Joram Jaron Van Klaveren is a Dutch politician. He was a Member of Parliament from 2010 to 2014, belonging to the right wing Party for Freedom. Simultaneously, he was also a member of the States-Provincial of Flevoland. He was famous for anti-Muslim comments and wanted to ban Islam from Netherlands. He started writing a book against Islam and it so happened that he embraced Islam in October 2018.

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, on his YouTube channel ‘4-Star Chicagoan’, interviewed Jaron to know what made him to convert to Islam in spite of hating Islam so much, that he wanted to ban it from Netherlands.

Three reasons that made him to hate Islam

Joram stated there three reasons that made him to hate Islam.

First, he was brought up in a conservative Protestant environment but his parents did not teach him to hate Islam. Although, he was influenced by the teachings of the Church and the anti-Islamic books that he read.

The second reason is because of the clashes between Islam–the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Europe. He said, a lot of people in Europe hated Islam because Turkey, an Islamic country, had colonized the Eastern part of Europe.

The third reason he said was of course the terrorism that took place in Europe for more than 10-12 years. A famous film maker was slaughtered in the street which was very near to his home. So the combination of these factors made him anti-Islamic.

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