Mysterious events in Iran raise questions about Trump strategy

Source: CNN

 Sam Vinograd

Sam Vinograd

While US news feeds are dominated by unspeakable tragedies and trivial Trump pursuits, a series of events unfolding in Iran warrants close attention.Over the last few weeks, as the world has grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple explosions and fires have occurred at Iranian nuclear military and industrial facilitiesAlleged cyberattacks have targeted other sites in Iran — including a port — and standoffs with Iran are happening in other theaters, including at sea.Some analysts suspect the United States and its ally Israel, which have reportedly carried out cyberattacks against Iran before, may have played a role in these recent explosions. Unsurprisingly, neither country has publicly taken responsibility, but a New York Times report cites a Middle Eastern intelligence official claiming this month’s explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex was caused by an explosive planted by Israel.Whoever might be responsible, these incidents serve as an important reminder that Iran’s ongoing nuclear and military activities are deeply dangerous for US national security.Almost four years into his term, President Donald Trump has expressly failed to mitigate the threats from Iran. Instead, he’s exacerbated them.


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