Polygamy Seminar’s Registration Pulled – but still going ahead

Source: Indonesia Expat

A seminar promoting polygamy in Indonesia is to go ahead, despite the event’s registration form being pulled offline following complaints by women’s rights activists.
If you’re weary of scrolling through ill-informed social media posts about coronavirus and racism, the latest trending topic in Indonesia is a one-day polygamy workshop, charging about Rp4 million (US$282) for attendance. That’s more than a month’s wages for many Indonesians.


The event is to be held on July 5 in Serang, about 80 kilometres west of Jakarta. A promotional flyer highlights key points, such as “Wife Not Rejecting Polygamy”.

The instructor is ‘Coach’ Hafidin, who boasts four wives and 24 children after 20 years of polygamy.

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  1. The relative high cost of the seminar is ok, because those who have to worry about the workshop cost will not be able to afford polygamy anyway.

  2. Pilygamy is the primitive marriage. Thise who pratice polygamy is destroy the happiness of wife and children. No children like their father to marry with other woman again.

    Rafiq please do not promote polygamy here any more, better stop it and condemn it.

    • Somi, would you rather have your daughter’s husband keep a mistress or she being kept as one than she has the security of being a wife?

      A position of a wife is more respectable in the eyes of society than being kept as a mistress who would have no rights on the man who keeps her that way.

      Think about it! Practicing polygamy in Islam is conditional. Not a requirement. Please look up the issue in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

    • I do not really promote it. It does not need promoting. Those who need it know it. But then, yes, we need to stress that we have to follow the Islamic rules of equality as much as it is possible. We have to try our best.

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