Polygamy In islam

Polygamy and the Social Media

No, I am not introducing a new ‘App’ or ‘Matching Service’ for potential ‘recruitment’ into polygamous unions via social media. What I am referring to is the problem of polygamous husbands using the social media or just spending some time on the Desktop Computer. All of us, whether married or […]

‘I was born polygamous’: Outrage as Muslim who runs ‘second wife’ dating site says wanting multiple partners is as natural as being gay

Azad Chaiwala runs two websites Secondwife.com and Polygamy.com Claimed polygamous men are born that way on Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan called him ‘a bit randy’ and called site backdoor Sharia law Aaliya Brown, site member, defended woman’s choice to be second wife  By JAMES DUNN FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:17 […]

Take that, monogamy! We’re actually hard-wired for polygamy, which helps explain why so many cheat

Monogamy is mandated throughout the Western world, infidelity is universal. A leading biologist explains why David P. Barash Reprinted from “Out of Eden” Infants have their infancy, and adults? Adultery. Even though monogamy is mandated throughout the Western world, infidelity is universal. Revelations of marital infidelity occur regularly, often among […]

African polygamy: Past and present

  James Fenske 09 November 2013 Several theories link polygamy to poverty. Polygamy is concentrated in west Africa and has declined in recent decades. Geographic variation in women’s agricultural productivity does not predict differences in the prevalence of polygamy, but historical inequality and exposure to the slave trade do. Although […]

EXCLUSIVE: Migrants with more than one wife will get EXTRA benefits under new reforms

IMMIGRANTS with many wives will actually get extra benefits under reforms to Britain’s welfare system. By CAROLINE WHEELER PUBLISHED: 04:01, Mon, Jan 25, 2016   GETTY Immigrants with many wives will get extra benefits under reforms to Britain’s welfare system Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Muslim families, are recognised in […]

Book Review: Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands

  Book by Debra Majeed Details: 192 pages    6×9 Cloth: $74.95   ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-6077-4 Pub date: 6/30/2015 Sample Chapter(s): Table of Contents Excerpt “Captivating, provocative, and groundbreaking. Taking up the mandate that women’s realities matter, Majeed writes with depth and analytical rigor about a topic we have scarcely begun to understand.”–Amina […]