Ahmadiyya Muslims open Their Mosques in Germany


The Aafiyat Mosque in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany.  Suggested reading: Praise be to God for the Miracle of Our Immune System

By Zubair Khalil Khan

Area of Men in Bashier Mosque Bensheim Germany

It was looking bit strange and surprising to enter the mosque for Friday prayers in conglomeration after a gap of over two months. At the same place where Imam used to advise to maintain closeness shoulder to shoulder with each other was ensuring 2 meter mandatory distance among each other. Ladies, children below 15 and men above 60 were also advised to stay back at homes.

Area of Women in Bashier Mosque Bensheim-Germany

With kind courtesy of German Government Muslims in Germany were allowed to open the mosques for prayers.  However certain conditions were made mandatory to observe.  Along with others, Ahmadiyya Muslim Administration of Bashier Mosque Bensheim, took lead and after having fulfilled all the conditions, under took the task of arranging Friday Salat in the mosque. Bashier mosque having capacity of 200 was restricted to house only 31 members in both the floors.

Before entering the Mosque members getting sanitizer/spray etc.

Members of Local Ahmadiyya Jamaat were extremely cooperative and took all the precautions and the first experience of saying prayers under Corona conditions proved to be a great success.  All were praying Allah Almighty may shower His Mercy on mankind and for early removal of this virus from the globe.

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