‘The simplest things opened my eyes to Islam’: Writer shares experience of being Spanish Muslim woman

Source: Arab News

This might not be her first Ramadan, but for Spanish Muslim Amanda Figueras it still feels new.

She became a Muslim a few years ago and for her Ramadan is always a very special month.

“At the beginning, when I used to practice Islam alone with no one in my family to share it with, I used to go to the mosque and break the fast there and pray taraweeh. I always loved how I was welcomed by my sisters in Islam.”


Amanda Figueras has published a book titled ‘Why Islam: My life as a woman, European and Muslim’ that talks about her journey into Islam. (Supplied)

Now it is different. Since her marriage a few years ago she shares her faith with her Egyptian husband and a three-year-old son. “We have done some decorations at home we try to show our son the spirit of Ramadan.”

Amanda, who is a journalist and a writer, doesn’t consider herself a Muslim convert.

“I did not change from one religion to another. I was not a believer, simply I did not have any faith. This makes my personal awakening fascinating because I found that there is God and that Islam was what I wanted for my life,” she said. “I encounter Islam because as a journalist I had to write about Muslim people, and I realized that I had no idea at all. I started to read non-stop and I fell in love with our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) after knowing about his generous character and genuine humbleness.

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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4 replies

  1. Hopefully you do not the extremist Muslim group or terrorist.,They were many Eutope Muslim who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

    I will feel save if you join Ahmadiyyah or Ismaili Islam.

  2. Yea, now there is always the suspicion of being an extremist, because of those who joined so-called ISIS. When I converted to Islam these extremists did not exist yet and no such suspicion arose. My Swiss boss in Afghanistan said to me ‘I admire you. I also do not agree with the Christian teachings, but do not have the courage to take the step you took’.

  3. Somi your pessimism may not have a cure.

    I for one and most Muslims that I know are always for the US constitution and never for the Shariah Law.

    • The problem or ‘challenge’ with Shariah law would be, who will interpret it. Would it be the Wahabis or the Ahmadis, the Shiah 12ers of the Ismailis? Consequently my view is that we need a secular law. Shariah law can provide input but then it needs to be agreed by the secular panel.

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