Urdu Video: Conversations Between Javed Ghamdi and Missionary Ansar Raza

Scope, Style and Preservation of the Quran

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Urdu Video: Ghamidi Declaring Ahmadis to be Muslims

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  1. The debate showed that whichever verse we put in the primary position tends to decide our understanding of the Quran.

    This I believe introduces a significant element of subjectivity in our understanding on different subjects and insistence that my interpretation is ‘objective’ and yours ‘subjective,’ often reflects only self conceit.

    The other way to understand this is the concept of Muhaqimmat and Mutashabihaat in the holy Quran in one of the early verses of chapter number 3.

    I believe that we all need personal understanding of the scripture and ultimately we are answerable to the Master of the Day of Judgment for our understanding, our beliefs and our deeds.

    In this age of information and scientific revolution I believe there is greater need to read the holy Quran, more and more in the light of laws of nature.

    Previous commentators have presented it as a criterion for commentary, I am merely emphasizing it to a greater degree than before.

    In the Muslim Times we do have the best collection of articles about religion & science:


    I believe our journey of the Quranic understanding could start from understanding of the first Adam in light of the facts of evolution:


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