Day: April 18, 2020

Fiji High Court overrules Covid-19 Case:

Reposted by Dr. H. Koya Fiji magistrate’s ruling on curfew breakers set aside A high court judge in Fiji has set aside a magistrate’s ruling to acquit three people charged with breaching the Covid-19 nationwide curfew. On Thursday, Nadi Magistrate Siromi Turaga ruled that under the Public Health Act, the […]

Hindu family in Pakistan forced to Islam: ANI

Even a pandemic of the scale and extent of Wuhan coronavirus has not deterred radical Maulvis in Pakistan from intimidating and browbeating minorities into converting to Islam. Recently, Islamist fundamentalists forced a Hindu family in Karachi to embrace Islam as the menace of coronavirus sweeps Pakistan. A Hindu family in […]

Homeopathy from Wikipedia with 366 references

Homeopathy Homeopathy Alternative medicine Homoeopathy Samuel Hahnemann, originator of homeopathy Pronunciation /ˌhoʊmiˈɒpəθi/ (listen) Claims “Like cures like”, dilution increases potency, disease caused by miasms. Related fields Alternative medicine Year proposed 1796 Original proponents Samuel Hahnemann Subsequent proponents James Tyler Kent, Constantine Hering, Royal S. Copeland, George Vithoulkas MeSH D006705 See also Humorism, heroic medicine This article […]