A new world will be established, and Islam will have a key role in it


Yusuf Kaplan

05 April 2020

Humanity is going through one of those rarely-seen general epidemics in history. It is more the fear of the virus than the epidemic itself that frightens people. Muslims have been the type of people to be most resistant against major epidemics, wars and disasters. They oscillate between fear and hope. This is why Muslims live with the mentality that there may be good in all things that seem evil and evil in all things that appear to be good. This keeps them alert, alive and resistant. The stronger one’s faith is the stronger their resistance and the greater their strength to overcome difficulties.


The world had already turned into hell before the virus, but humans couldn’t care less. The world had been established in such a way that the “dromocrotic” order of speed, pleasure and allure had stripped humans of their ability to think and feel, turning them into epistemic slaves, and surrendered all of humanity to a lie.

The pornographic dromocracy order, in other words, humans losing the ability to think and feel, turning into a slave of speed, pleasure and allure distances them from humane traits and reduces them to an animal that solely eats, consumes and copulates.
The involvement of media elevated the virtual reality that was produced through fiction or at the table to a higher level than actual reality, thus, making humans more prone to becoming voluntary slaves of the pornography order.


This was the sort of world we were living in. Then suddenly something unexpected happened that ruined our lives: a virus emerged – or was launched – in China, which rapidly spread to the rest of the world.

Life stopped. Streets were deserted. Hundreds of cities with populations of millions instantly turned into stranded, ghost-like frightening creatures. Skyscrapers with tens and even hundreds of floors became reminiscent of monsters.

Historical structures that were crushed and wiped out under the shadow of those skyscrapers were revealed; and this time, as if to say “the emperor has no clothes” and exact revenge, they were like silent ghosts, grinning like specters, almost exacting revenge from humans for their monstrosities.

Humans fled to their homes. People were told to go home and stay home. It was said death is outside, waiting on the streets. It was said, if you go out you will catch the virus and spread it to others and be waiting ready with your death warrant in hand.
All very well, but were humans really living before they were locked into their homes or was it all a lie; were they living a lie? Was what they were living, life or was it one big alluring, seducing, fast and pleasurable “game” that prevented people from seeing, understanding and grasping what was happening in the world and consequently from taking action?

Major crimes were being committed in all corners of the world. For example, the Muslim world was turned into hell for the last two centuries. The imperialists that wiped out the Ottoman Empire from the pages of history swarmed over the Ottoman region, invented tens of fake states and fictitious nations, appointed servants who would be their slaves to the top of these states, and caused chaos on every whim. They invaded wherever they pleased, wiping out the leaders who refused to obey them, and plundering the natural resources and fortunes of the region.

In other oppressed regions of the world, people in Asia, in Africa were being doomed to famine, while the skyscrapers of capitalism were turning into postmodern Leviathans for the savage creatures that were giving death orders and making plans on how the world can be further transformed into hell.

The world remained silent in the face of the tyranny, while the people crying under oppression, helpless and alone, were pleading to God.


The virus that has been threatening the world with death first led to a sudden halt in the acts of tyranny. Then, all people worldwide locked themselves up in their homes, being forced to stay at home, suddenly made them lose the freedoms that seemed their natural birthright.

The virus is going to bring the end of the world as we know it. It is going to pave the way to the questioning of the crimes that were committed in the past, to bringing to account those who turned the world into a living hell, to the establishment of a more livable world. Islam and Muslims are going to play the biggest role in this process. This is due to the fact that they are the ones who have resisted the most in the face of the greatest attack and oppression.

Muslims are those who have resisted the most against the unjust, tyrant, soulless capitalist system and colonial order, those who resisted and suffered against imperialists for the sake of truth, what is right and for the sake of protecting their dignity instead of showing the white flag like the Japanese, the Chinese and Indians.

It is also Muslims who have shown awareness with respect to protecting their sources, who have not lost their founding sources like the Christians and Jews. The divine law that good may come from all things that seem evil and evil from all things that appear to be good is an incredible source of power that allows Muslims to remain alert and alive, to stay strong in every state and condition and to recover and start anew from scratch.

Our path to take part in the founding of the world post-virus is clearing. We have prepared very well to become Muslim again by understanding how we have proved detrimental to Islam and how Islam is a blessing for all of humanity.


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