Javed Ahmad Ghamidi about scope of religion and Shariah

Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī (Urduجاوید احمد غامدی‎) (born 1951) is a Pakistani Muslim theologian, Quran scholar, Islamic modernist, exegete and educationist. He is also the founding President of Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences and its sister organisation Danish Sara.[1] He became a member of the Council of Islamic Ideology (responsible for giving legal advice on Islamic issues to the Pakistani Government and the country’s Parliament) on 28 January 2006, where he remained for a couple of years.[2] He also taught Islamic studies at the Civil Services Academy for more than a decade from 1979 to 1991.[3] He was also a student of the famous Islamic scholar and exegete, Amin Ahsan Islahi. He is running an intellectual movement similar to Wasatiyyah, on the popular electronic media of Pakistan.[4]

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  1. Please help save India-Pakistan in Kayamat by faith in preaching by humble prophet Muhammad that 1,24,000 preachers sent by God, including Krushna and Ram HAVE PREACHED THE SAME ONE RELIGION. AL-HAMDU-LI-ALLAH AND NOT UMAR ETC. Which is place where Allah is absent? Oh! Caliphs suppressed reply as Almighty is present in each and all living and nonliving. Yes! No one is Allah but Allah is present in all. Let The Muslim stop its attempt that Saudi be saved but others die in Kayamat. Let The Muslim be faithful to Allad, Muhammad and Quran, which supportd one Allah present in all Indians. Wait for a month for Supreme Court to order….1UR One United religion religion preached by one Allah is one per Bhagavad Gita Ch. 4. Sstudy by respecting Quran Surat 2/Ayats 1-5 and Surat 1. On! Satans, if any, in THe Muslim shall attempt as communals. Not replying these facts but sending notes by non-realizeds is satanic Act of The Muslim.

    On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 3:49 PM The Muslim Times wrote:

    > Zia H Shah posted: ” Jāvēd Ahmad Ghāmidī (Urdu: جاوید احمد غامدی‎) (born > 1951) is a Pakistani Muslim theologian, Quran scholar, Islamic modernist, > exegete and educationist. He is also the founding President of Al-Mawrid > Institute of Islamic Sciences and its sister organisat” >

  2. Beautiful explanation. All those who wear big hats on their heads cannot understand this beautiful religion. They only want to expand their own religious empires. So they will continue to mislead the people. Only solution is for the people to give up the shirk of aqeedat and stop following the misleaders.

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