Ghamdi A Good Teacher, But Only in Moderation

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

This video is in Urdu, so this post will make sense to only those who know both Urdu and English.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi (Urduجاوید احمد غامدی‎) (born 1951) is a Pakistani Islamic modernist theologist who hosted a primetime religious-spiritual show on Dunya News.[1][2]

Quran scholar and exegete, and educationist, who extended the work of his tutor, Amin Ahsan Islahi,[3] Ghamidi is the founder of Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences and its sister organisation Danish Sara.[3] He became a member of Council of Islamic Ideology on 28 January 2006 for a couple of years,[4][5] a constitutional body responsible for giving legal advice on Islamic issues to Pakistan Government and the Parliament. He has also taught at the Civil Services Academy from 1980 until 1991.[3] He is running an intellectual movement similar to Wastiyya in Egypt on the popular electronic media of Pakistan.[6]

I have applauded Ghamdi’s good work on several occasions, especially his moderate views about religious tolerance in the face of commonly practiced bigotry in Pakistan, but, would strongly disagree here with him for the sake of mental health of 1.8 billion Muslims, to save them from maladies like, demonic possession, exorcisms and Jinn.

He does seem to believe in Jinn as supernatural beings, who can affect human psyche and daily affairs.

So, here, I present a few articles to show that Jinns as beings, who can influence human psyche and affairs, don’t exist and Jinns are one less thing that we have to worry about, in our day to day life:

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