Iraq’s secret sex trade

A BBC Arabic investigation has exposed a secret world of sexual exploitation of children and young women by clerics in Iraq.

Rafiq Tschannen at Al Khadaumiya Mosque and Shrine in Baghdad (and, NO, I have nothing to do with this article!)

The practice of temporary marriage, illegal under Iraqi law, is being used by some clerics to exploit women and children for money.

For video report in BBC:


Editor’s Note:

This is probably the most horrific documentary I have ever seen. Thanks to BBC to permit Ayatullah Sistani to clarify that these actions are totally against Islamic (and Shia) Law and the perpetrators should be punished severely and these activities be stopped.

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  1. During my time in Iraq (2003 – 2011) we did not hear anything about such activities. Probably they started later. (If it was happening during ‘my time’ I think we should have heard about it).

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