Every Time an Atheist and a Christian Debate, Islam Wins


And you (Muhammad) shall assuredly find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ to be the nearest of them in love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and because they are not arrogant. (Al Quran 5:82/83)

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times


First something about the big picture, Christian apologists want to make a case for Christianity based on laws of nature and science, by showing that there ought to be a Transcendent Creator of our universe.  They make this case, in one breath, and in the very next, deny all of science, by insisting on Eucharist, man-God of Jesus, who is not Transcendent, resurrection and miracles that violate laws of nature.

Atheists are right in exposing the irrationality of the Christian dogma. However, the Christians are right in as far as their claim that there needs to be a Creator of this universe, Who employed natural means to do His work. However, both parties in their self-conceit are not listening to how Islam resolves their conflict.

In a trilateral discussion between atheists, Christians and Muslims, I believe we can appreciate reality better and come up with better theology, especially if the discussion not only involves the Creator and purpose of the universe, but, also His complete TranscendenceOriginal Sin and evolution of life on our planet, Trinity, Mother Mary, and Eucharist.


Around minute 29 in this video, John Lennox weaves Sir Isaac Newton, into his comments, to prove his theistic paradigm, without realizing that he was a Unitarian like any Muslim or a Jew and not a Trinitarian like John Lennox himself: Is Isaac Newton a Part of the Muslim Heritage: His Religious Views?

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