Garages – the new affordable houses

Row Of Suburban Town Houses

F9W4A0 Row Of Suburban Town Houses

Source: BBC News

Would you ever set up home in someone else’s garage? Or let a stranger move in to yours?

More and more people are asking, “why not?”

Let’s consider just how hard it’s becoming for people to afford housing in big cities. From Berlin to Singapore to Stockholm, rents have soared. And forget buying: research last year showed that 40% of young adults in England, for example, can’t afford to buy even the cheapest homes in their area – even with just a 10% deposit.

Could living in a converted garage be an answer?

Maybe. In parts of the United States, a lack of affordable housing means garage conversions are taking off, particularly in the United States. In car-centric Los Angeles, for example, 117 garage conversion permits were issued to residents in 2016 – but in 2018, thanks to a change in the law, that number rocketed to 4,171.

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