Bangladesh: Shafi demands Ahmadiyya Muslims be declared as non-Muslims

Source: The Dhaka Tribune

By Sazzadur Rahman Sazzad, Panchagarh


Hefazat-e-Islam chief Shah Ahmed Shafi on Tuesday attends a islamic convention in Panchagarh Dhaka Tribune. The Muslim Times has the best collection to overcome sectarian divide among the Muslims

His written speech was read by his son Anas Madani

Hefazat-e-Islam chief Shah Ahmed Shafi has demanded the Ahmadiyya Muslim community—also known as Qadianis—be declared as non-Muslims.

He stated his demand and remarks on Ahmadiya Muslim community on the grounds of Bir Muktijoddha Sirajul Islam Stadium in Panchagarh over a Islamic convention.

“The demand to declare the Qadianis as non-Muslims is part of being a Muslim. Those who think Qadianis as muslim they are non-Muslim. Those who don’t believe Qadianis are Qafir are also Qafir,” said Shafi.

In the speech Shafi intensely criticized Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon who supported Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

Previously on February 13, Shafi made the same demand during a press briefing at a madrasa, in Chittagong.


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  1. Bangladesh: Shafi demands Ahmadiyya Muslims be declared as non-Muslims >> SAME PATTERN AS THE BIBLE> [started as one >RCC breakaways C of E, Presbyterian, Methodist + others. QUR’AN STARTED as one with Mohammed> Mohammedi, breakaways> Muslem, Islam, Ahmadyya, others?

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