How to plan your day to get the best out of your brain

p06zj18jSource: BBC News

Our brains are not perfect, smooth-running machines. Our physical responses to the events of the day are not consistent at all times. Intuitively, you are probably aware that you have a dip in concentration after eating. But our neurological responses fluctuate much more than just in a post-lunch slump.

How can we look out for signs that our brains are changing at work? And if you knew when you were at your peak performance, would you plan your day differently? By paying attention to neurological differences, can you game your brain to be a better worker?

Schedule stress for the morning

Evidence suggests that if you are not naturally a morning type, it is best not to try to force yourself to be one. Despite the preaching of famous business leaders and some of the more extreme celebrity fitness regimes, shifting your sleep pattern does not necessarily result in better performance if it is not part of your natural rhythm.

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