An Ahmadiyya Muslim from Kosovo declared as an exemplary principal for the year 2017/18.

Source: Jinhauddin Saif

Rexhep Hasani (on left) with certificate declaring him the best Principal of 2017-2018

Mr Rexhep Hasani, born on 08.12.1979 currently working as Principal of municipality school Kosovo has been declared, by Ministry of Education Kosovo,  as an exemplary Principal for the year 2017-2018. The nomination for the best director of the municipality comes from the education ministry. One of the purposes why this decision was made is the school digitalising system ‘’ the e-learning’’ and the contribution that this process will help the system of the schools of the municipality of Shtime. The inscription for the reward read, ” “THIS Reward is for THE BEST MUNICIPAL DIRECTOR OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF SHTIME, WITHIN THE PURPOSE OF RESPECTING ENGAGEMENT AND WORK FOR EDUCATION AND EDUCATION OF THE NEW GENERATIONS, PROVIDING TO ALL OTHER AN EXAMPLE”

While explaining on the website the e-learning is described like this: ’’ The education process is often difficult, however conditions can be good. But the difficulties are even greater when learning takes place in other circumstances that have not been practised before. In most of the didactic literature, the idea is that the student is at the centre of attention and not the teacher, and that’s not how it is wrong for the fact that real learning takes place when someone teaches it to teach someone or to present his knowledge to someone. E-learning offers this opportunity. The role of the teacher here really remains just as the leader of the process, while the student who is to show himself.’

Rexhep Hasani entered Ahmadiyya Muslim  Jamaat in year 2002. He is a veteran of Kosovo War also who got injuries in 1999. The young Rexhep took part in the Kosovo Freedom war and was injured by a grenade.  Later he came to Pristine to study and became a teacher of Albanian literature and language. There he learned about Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam, through Mr Musa Rustemi (late) and the Missionary of Kosovo Mr Javed Iqbal. After entering Ahmadiyya Jamaat he became an example for community members. Interestingly on 27.12.2018 he became also an example for all other Principles in Kosovo. He was declared from the Ministry of Education of Kosovo from the Director of Education Kosovo, Mr. Fehmi Hysenaj, as an exemplary principle for the year 2017/18.

It is interesting to note that the first project of Humanity First in Kosovo  was completed in his school, in which Humanity First Germany donated 18 computers and made the implementation of this e-learning program possible.


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  1. Mashallah. He is such a gentle and nice soul that who so ever meets him praises his submissive and noble nature.

  2. That’s really an acquisition! May Allah grant him a long and blessed life and show many people in Kosovo the way to Islam-Ahmadiyya!

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