Jordan and Iraq: An exemplary visit


The visit of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz and his accompanying ministerial delegation to Baghdad on Friday to discuss and promote relations with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and high-ranking Iraqi officials was a big success, given the large number of agreements that the two sides have signed during this historic visit. It is now confirmed that 15 bilateral agreements covering a broad variety of bilateral issues on trade, commerce and energy have been signed. Under the accord on energy and oil, Jordan can expect the import of Iraqi oil at preferential rates in the future, which should ease the energy crisis in the country and halt the drain on the Kingdom’s foreign currency reserves. Connecting electricity grids between the two countries is also envisioned under the agreement,something that could reduce the energy bill for Jordan. Mutual trade facilities between the two neighbouring counties are also covered by the agreements struck during the visit, including an increased reliance by Iraq on the Port of Aqaba for importing goods from across the world. The Karama-Turaibil border post is projected to open up on a regular basis, in order to ease trade and the transportation of goods and services between the two countries.

What is even more important than the issues covered by the 15 accords is the new spirit of friendship and solidarity that emerged between the two neighbouring Arab countries, that included a common stance on combating terrorism and forging a common stand on regional conflicts. Therefore, the sky is the limit as to what the two countries can do to promote and sustain a fraternal relations. Jordan and Iraq have a long history of solidarity and cooperation that goes back to last century, and the accords struck between them could be only the beginning of a long chain of other bilateral agreements that can now be expected to follow in the future. The door for brotherly relations between Amman and Baghdad on many fronts is now open. The opportunity for this to happen is there, and with good will and determination, there is no reason to doubt the emergence of the best and warmest bilateral relations to take root between them in the upcoming years.


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